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Contact us with any other inquiries

Do you take Reservations?

No, we don't do those. Pop's has bar seating for the most part. We have a couple tables but, just like the beach, it is first come first serve.

Y'all host Private Events?

Reserve Pop’s, our upstairs or main floor, for your Private Party or fundraiser.

Email Put “PRIVATE PARTY” in the subject line and receive

our pricing, menu and offers.


Delicious treats and oddities we get asked about all the time at Pop's SeaBar

Taylor Pork Roll a.k.a. "Taylor Ham"

A New Jersey diner and boardwalk staple since 1856, this rolled, pressed has a varied history. It is generally eaten sliced and grilled, like Canadian bacon.

Boardwalk Chicken

Chef's special recipe, all dark meat bites, brined and fried crispy.

Included on The Washington Post's best fried chicken in DC list.


         The small, sardine-like fish are sometimes called the "fisherman's snack."

          We serves them flash-fried.

Jersey Sauce

Our take on tartar sauce, Jersey Sauce is a remoulade made with pickles and capers.

We put it on everything. Everything.

Ice Cream Luge

"You get an ice cream sandwich. Then, using your tongue or a small tasting spoon, you carve a channel—the “luge”—in the center of the ice cream. Finally, your pour a shot of booze from one end of the ice cream tunnel into your mouth. Finish by consuming the sandwich."—CityPaper

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